Information for Referring Physicians

At Middle Georgia Heart & Vascular Center, we value prompt communication and collaboration with our patients' physicians and strive to make the referral process easy for the referring physicians and you, the patients.

To refer a patient to MGHVC

To refer a patient to MGHVC, please call the main MGHVC office at 478-254-2644. You may wish to consult our list of physicans.

  • Arrange an appointment with a physician
  • Obtain a telephone consultation
  • Follow up on a patient's status


MGHVC will accept referrals for the following outpatient procedures: lower extremity arterial flow studies (LEAF Study), stress echocardiography, stess test, event monitor, holter monitor, angiogram, nuclear chemical stess test, nuclear exercise stess test, carotid ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound, and ECGs. Our physicians also perform the following inpatient procedures: angioplasty, arterial stent, and pacemaker surgery.

Access to Your Patient's Records

The MGHVC staff will handle all referrals in a timely manner by sending the patient’s records and supporting documents to their referring physician for clear and accurate follow-up.